Rajhon says her life really began when she fell in love with the cook at the little cafe where she was a waitress. He joined the army, they married and had their first of three children in West Berlin, Germany, their first duty station (there was still a wall). They went on to live in eleven of these United States and retired military service after twenty-two years. After three years of tests, poking and prodding and more tests, she was diagnosed with SLE (lupus) and fibromyalgia in 1990. On Jan 18, 2008, she woke up totally healed by the grace of Jesus Christ. Being married to a man who sincerely loves her has been her greatest blessing, being the mother of three incredible children and Nonnie to seven fantastic grandchildren a close second.

She currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband over forty years and their two poodles, Gandalf and Pippin.

2019 Miami Book Signing

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