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Free to Speak: Meeting Jesus at the Well

The woman at the well is nameless and faceless. Her story is a mere blurb in the gospels, quickly read, labeled, and filed. Preachers condemn her, belittle her, and dismiss her, but not Jesus. She mattered to her Creator so much He orchestrated this unique encounter to prove His love for the outcast.

How many of us feel condemned, ridiculed, and forgotten, living lives that feel empty and futile? How many of us live in the deserts of what if and if only? Could it be that the Spirit gives us this story of a nameless woman to open our eyes to the wonder of the grace of Jesus? Could it be that this story is to fill us with hope that we would drink of the living water and live? Could it be she is nameless because she is everyone who lives day to day just doing what’s necessary to get by and never tasting the goodness of God’s love?

My Lord stayed for two days in a Samaritan town because of this woman. My intent has been to give her a historical setting that you may see her as Jesus saw her, that you be filled with compassion for her, for others, and for yourself.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who seeks out the lost sheep who cry out in the night for rescue. Are you a woman at the well crying out in the night?

“This poor Samaritan woman knew that He was a great teacher without seeing a miracle, reading His book, or doing a background check. His very person convinced her He was the long awaited Messiah.”



“We talk a lot about the tapes we play over and over in our minds. What were her tapes?…Did she feel as inconsequential as the shadow she walked on?…When was the last time she had hummed or sung a song…laughed or even smile? Where was her hope? Hope was sitting at the bottom of the hill, lovingly waiting for the sound of her steps on the rocky road.”


“…Behind her words are questions: If I worshipped at Jerusalem, would this still be my life? If I had prayed in the Jewish temple, would God have heard me? Would I have had a family..friends? Would I not be alone? Is all my life a waste because I worshipped at the wrong place? Prayed the wrong words?


“…the woman of sychar was nobody and had nothing. she was hanging on without hope, wanting to beleive ther was more to life then the emptiness in her heart.”



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Jaime and the Yellow Clay

Jaime is a very precise, detail-oriented little boy who is faced with the most improbable and frustrating situation he can imagine. His teacher seems to be totally unaware of his needs and feelings. His mother just smiles as if the situation is amusing and not really wrong at all. Jamie is very unhappy and a little angry. How will his school days ever get better? No one is listening and his ordered little life is upset. What is he supposed to do?

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